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Welcome to Art Rules

The #1 Educational Arts Program in the Dutch- Caribbean

Presented by the Art Rules Group

A division of the Pancake Gallery Foundation, Art Rules brings an international team of professionals from around the world to the islands, to teach (in collaboration with local professionals) and share their professional perspectives, expertise and skills through an intensive workshop program.

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The Project

These Art Rules workshops are taught through various methods, including intensive training, research, assignments, talkbacks, lectures, screenings, performances and presentations. After 2 weeks of hard work and study, Art Rules students get to publicly present what they have learned and produced during the program in a multimedia showcase with presentations and exhibitions in both theatrical and festival format. Although the presentation is a big, well-produced final celebration of art and talent, our focus is primarily on the process and development that takes place during the 2 weeks of the program.

Art Rules is developed for young teens that are just coming into that phase of their lives where they deal with identity and preparing for the real world, so it offers teens a safe place where they get to explore their interests and curiosities. The program is therefore designed for 13-23 year olds and no prior experience in the Arts is required. Art Rules is for everybody!

No matter who you are or where you are from, if you are motivated to tap into your personal talent, skills or if you simply want to find a place where you can express or discover your artistic side; then Art Rules is for you! Art Rules Aruba 2014 will kick off with a party on July 5th and the program runs July 7th – July 18th.


Choose one

ARA Artchive

Redefining Arts Education in the Caribbean

  • Poetry Cuba's Cooking

    Poetry Performance

  • Showcase stage


  • Creative Media film

    Creative Eye

  • Creative Media practice

    Art through the lens

  • Marriott Kitchen

    Food Excursion

  • Dance Practice

    Dance swag

  • CulinaryArts Cookies

    Cookie Tastings

  • Music Practice

    Find your Key

  • DJ practice

    One the Beat

  • Theater scene

    Theater practice

  • Darwin

    Fashion creation

  • StreetART

    Painting in the making

  • IMG_6533

    Smells like teens spirit

  • IMG_5964

    Great activities

  • breis&student

    Awesome stuff

Works Of Art Rules Students

  • "I wish it could be 3 weeks or more, thanks to Art Rules I broke my shell"

    Dance student
  • "I will always participate in Art Rules, unless I'm like dead or something"

    Dance Student
  • "On this island we are like weirdo's but when Art Rules comes it's like we all feel normal again"

    Theater Student
  • "Some people tell me it's going to be hard being a photographer, I tell them life is hard"!

    Photography Student
  • "Mi ta Bai La Linda bin bek"!!

    Fashion Student
  • "Mi kier ta un DJ door cu nos mester di cambio, nos mester buta hende cu ta tristo bira contento,hende cu ta rabia bira felis, laga e muziek sinti bon den nan mes, y laga e dia bai dushi bek"

    DJ Student


Thank you Partners for your support over the years!

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